Festivals are held to commemorate Joker123 what we have come to in the past. Sometimes it may be true and not true, but these municipalities are important to many people. Of course, if we don"t like our festivals, then we shouldn"t be insulting or insulting people that they are intrigued by these festivals as well, because there are many people who disagree and express that. It was a ridiculous act, yes,Joker123 in your eyes it might be vain, it might be Joker123 worthless, but for a lot of people it"s an important day or a day for them to reunite with their family. At one time, some people thought that it was nonsense that we should not value it, but remember that it is only our own thoughts , do not associate our bad thoughts with anyone. Or force someone because someday when we want to have true friends, it turns out that we are not normal, he went out himself.

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